WPC Profiles for WOODPLAST Terraces

WPC is a modern and innovative material, a mixture of 70% wood and 30% polymer. Both components are mixed in the production process at high pressures and temperatures and results a new material with special properties. Our formula obtained in cooperation with German experts in composite materials is a laboratory tested product for high resistance to ultraviolet rays.
terase compozite naturdeck terase compozite cedardeck terase compozite oakdeck lemn compozit silverdeck lemn compozit greydeck
naturdeck  Light and bright color of wood
cedardeck A vivid color, reddish and warm cedar specific Canadian cedar
oakdeck    Elegance, refined and noble of oak. A style that endures over time.
silverdeck A modern silver and spectacular deck that creates a strong aesthetic impression.
greydeck   Discreet and comfortable decking for your eyes
    Advantages for our product
  • Does not produce splinters or cracks
  • It is not slippery in brushed version
  • Has long life and does not rot
  • Easily cleaning
  • Due to our system with of clips without screws the deck can be easily disassembled if needed
  • Profiles can be processed with normal woodworking tools
  • It is resistant to insects and fungus
  • Easy cleaning under water pressure hose
  • The understructure rail is not visible so it has aesthetic advantages
  • It is highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Ecological. Does not contain tropical wood
  • The product is 100% recyclable
  • It is safe and contains no toxic chemicals
  • Does not contain PVC
  • Material contracts and expands just like wood. During installation, take into consideration the expansion joints
  • In time, according to atmospheric conditions, WPC gain a specific wood patina

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