What is wood plastic composite (WPC)

Wood terraces (decking) made from composite wood (WOODPLAST) are an innovative and ecological material. Wood Plastic Composited decking, a combination of 70% wood and 30% plastic, has the benefits of both materials by offering a good appearance: the warm feel of wood combined with the weather ability of plastic materials. Unlike traditional wood terraces, composite wood require minimal maintenance and it does not need varnishing or paining.

Composite wood is a rather a new product and it is present in Europe only in the last 7-8 years while in United States composite wood has an older history by starting its commercial appearance 15-20 years ago . In 2003 the EU Directive 2003/2/EC has prevented the sale of wood treated with toxic biocides for human, as copper arsenate, paving the way for organic materials including wood and composite plasticized WPC.

Composite terraces resist insects and do not rot. Composite profiles do produce splinters or cracks. Also while composite profiles change their color over time, as any wood product, change is not that obvious in comparison with the classic wood decks.

Composite wood terraces are more expensive than treated lumber decks, due to their prolonged lifetime, maintenance costs and your precious time will be saved, making it more advantageous for you than traditional wood.

Wood Plast composite wood terraces are produced by using high quality raw materials including recycled wood flour and plastic, resulting a modern and ecofriendly product. WOODPLAST is a product developed by our company which uses the latest production technologies based on the latest discoveries in the field of additives for wood composite. Products are laboratory tested to ensure our customers a product of high-level, environmentally friendly, safe and durable.

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